Uhh hello! fourget teem edward and jackob! #TeemBen is beter!

Uhh hello!
their has bin a lot of dibate over who bele shud bee with in twilite! edward and jackob is no good four her! join teem Ben! i want too bee with Bele i want two bite her neck and make her blede!!!! due u no y?? because shes a girl. i dont like girls. unless its mother i love mother because i love her! mother is so nise and is prety and has the best smeling fete of all mothers. her grene krispy toes taste so unusal!! hehe i didnt want to taste them!!!! i swear! mother maid mii suck her toes as a punishment 1 time. lol! i was bad and didnt kepe my door close wen my dog Mindy was in my room! Mindy got out wen i was making sandwiches at work and took a big doockie on mother’s bare chest wen she was taking a nap!! silly Mindy! i stil love her tho! 🙂 i wunder is Jon has tasty toes.. hehe i wud lick his toes clene because.. u no ;3

anyways goodnite interwebs! i love u!
-ben sanders :3

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Uhh hello! shud i use the fourse?!!

Uhh hello!
as u no i reely like Jon! he is souper nise and coot! i want two sirprise him and maik a trip too Ohio because i… well u no 😉 butt wut if he doesnt want too due wat i want two due? i want too go all the way with him!! i want two sho him all the stuf Uncle Bobby has sho’d mii! i want too reverse cow girl Jon, i want to dogy stile him like Uncle Bobby did to Mindy! i want it all with Jon! 🙂 shud i use the fourse too get him two due it with mii? is it legal in ohio? i reely want Jon.

wat due u want interwebs? let mii no in the coments beelo!!

-Ben :3

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Uhh hello! mii and Jon in the martching band!!

Uhh hello!
2day i wanted too shair with u all a foto and storie from wen mii and my serckret admirer Jon were in the skool martching band twogether!!
Jon is the 1 on the left. i wud all ways get distrackted during rehersal and games just staring at Jon because he is souper duper handsum!! 🙂 i plaid the klarinet! Jon plaid drums because he loved it! i wasnt very good at klarinet. 1 time mother herd mii practicing and sed i was so bad that she nocked it out of my hands. then mother pooled down my pants and shoved the klarinet rite in my pooper!! it hert like hell!! she shoved it up so far that it was stuck in my pooper four fourty ate ours!! isnt that krazy. i was in so much pane!! after that weakend back in skool i told Jon wat hapened and he held mii close and told mii everything wil bee ok and i wil get better at klarinet! 🙂 ..i didnt. Butt that is ok because Jon was their fore mii and i loved it. he is so karing because ..i think he loves mii!! Teehee :3

well until nxt time interwebs!
-Ben Sanders ^_^

PS: I found Jon! 🙂 he is ok and this time i have my I’s on him all the time!

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Uhh hello! a smashing day!!

Uhh hello!

so 2day mother got codes four souper smash bros 3ds demo and was kind enuf too give mii one because she loves mii! love u mother! 🙂 butt i wanted two play so bad i did a bad thing. i skiped my english tutering sesion to play smash after work!! mother was ferious wen she found out. i was grounded and she maid mii upload this video of her interupting my comentary of my game play.

Uhh well goodnite interwebs! i hope u enjoyed the game play i did!!
-Ben :3

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Uhh hello! im gona bee a rock star!!!

Uhh hello!
guess wat i found frends! i found my old guatar that Uncle Bobby gave mii wen I was litle!! Uncle Bobby use two tel mii the strings on the guatar were like his pee pee plase. the way i s was forsed too strum Uncle Bobby is the way i strum my guatar! hehe Uncle Bobby is sily! i stoped lerning how too play guatar because Uncle Bobby went away four touchin mii i supose. lol anyway i found it and wanted two lern how two agan! thay say 2 peepal conect over musick! My frend and seckret admiror Jon ;3 is a musiscion himself!! him and i wud have so much two talk about and connekt like never befour!! i even had a krazier idea!! wut if i started the first ever Skype band! i love skype! i love talking two all my frends on Skype since Mother doesnt reely let mii out of the house often. this way i cud becum a rock star and get kloser to Jon >:3!! wut due u think interwebs?!!

c ya nxt time frends!
-Ben Sanders ❤

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Uhh hello! help mii find Jon! my soulmait!

Uhh hello!
if u remember i let a lil seckret out frends! i told my felow reeders my feelings four my frend Jon! hes souper coot, souper smart, and souper strong! i think.. i think.. i think hes the ONE!!! Butt i havent spocken two him for all most a weak now!! i dont no wear he is!! im looking for my best frend and lover Jon! I wil reward any1 with information reegarding the disapearnce of Jon because i lov.. ;3 hehe him. i wil give $4.28 over pay pal and i can even ship u my toe nale colecktion! i have bin coleckting my toe nales in a jar since i was 6 yeres old. Uncle Bobby tends to snif them every now and agen butt im sure he dont mind. any way let mii no if u no any thing about Jon. here’s a mising poster i maid!!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 7.25.36 PM

Plese help mii bring home my Jon!

thank u frends!
Love u,
-thebensanders :3

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Uhh hello! IMAGINE MII A STAR!!!

Uhh hello!
i all ways wanted 2 bee on tv! i love family guy. the cleveland show. futurdrama. and the simsoms! i emaled Fox about making a TV show about urs truley! BEN SANDERS! Mii! i hope 2 hear back soon! i even sent them a version of wat my theme song cud be :3

Uhh well goodbye interwebs! i hope two here from Fox soon! 🙂

-Ben Sanders!

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