About Ben Sanders

Uhh howdy!

My name is Deana, I’m Ben’s Mother. My son Ben loves the interwebs and learning all about video games. Please excuse his grammar and english, he’s special in his own way and that is why I love him. His language skills are getting better every year as he works one on one with his private english tutor. Ben was born in the small town of Helen, Georgia. I gave birth to him because I love him and not because he was a failed abortion because I was a few days too late. Ben is super nice and cares for everyone he meets. His social skills continue to get better the more he interacts outside of the Sanders family. My sister Denise had a sex change when Ben was just a toddler. She became a male and changed her name to Bobby. Ben then had an Uncle Bobby who loved him very much. I love my brother Bobby but he went too far in loving Ben. When Ben was only 5 years of age he engaged with Uncle Bobby in sexual acts. I wasn’t proud of Ben, I told Ben his whole life he needs to straighten up his sexuality and give me new children/grand children. Ben has an older half brother name William Sanders. He’s an indie game developer in Europe right now. I met William’s father who’s a british mechanic from London when my old band The TitLickers, toured Europe in the ’80’s. We had a romantic evening together and knocked me up with a fetus. I didn’t even know how to perform an abortion at the time. We didn’t have time to stop at a Planned Parenthood clinic while on tour so when the band got to Asia I tried to use some chop sticks but no luck. We had to cut the tour short while I went dealt with the pregnancy. A few months later I went into labor and had William, my life got super busy being a single parent that The Titlickers disbanded. A few years later I had Ben. I really tried not to but it was too late, I would apologize for bringing him into this world but he’s my child and it’s against the law for me to dislike this little shit. Ben has been quite challenged and never fit in growing up, he’s lucky I was his teacher in school for the majority of classes and gave him straight A’s even though his work was nothing close to even receiving a D. I let him graduate high school anyway and he was on his way into the real world, even though he still lives at home, engages in sexual acts with Uncle Bobby and only works as a Sandwich artist at a Sandwich shop. Well I made this blog for him to let him put himself out there.

Enjoy Ben’s Blog!

-Deana 🙂


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