Mete Mii Baibee, Benjamin Deandre Sanders Jr.!

Uhh hello!

Looooooong tiem know blog updait! #Lels oops! Aneeways as u mite have sene from my last post in 2015 Mother was preggo with Mii Baibee! It has bin a long 23 months I tel u’all. Wat happen was 5 months into the preggocy Mother was convinsed by Mii Uncle Bobby that she shudnt have the baibee. Mother restled with the the eyedea of geting a aborsean butt ultimitly desided not two. Won nite tho Uncle Bobby roofyed Mother and undresed her in bed. He took a long pare of sizors and shoved them up Mii Mother’s lady bits. Uncle Bobby aborseaned Mii Baibee. 😦 I was sad.

The nex mornin wen i found out eye took a pare of Mii Mother’s underwhere and rapped them around Uncle Bobby’s fase wile he sleep. I suffikated the basterd. Then I took the very sizors he used on Mii Mother and drilled them into his I’s. Uncle Bobby beegan to regane consisnus and grab his pistle from his back poket. He said “Benny, you son of a bitch! I’m going to end you once and for all and display your lifeless body on my Wall of Naked Dead Nephews, mmuahahaha!” eye be the 6th won… he than shot at mii! YICKES! I ran four Mii life into the citchen. Their I grabbed a pan and blokd Mii Uncle Bobby’s bulets!! I through the frying pan at Uncle Bobby’s hed nocking him out. Then as I tryd draging his fat body out doors twowards the lawn mowir; Uncle Bobby woke. I screemed “Mother, help!” butt Mother was two busie chereing in her room about her aborsean wile dansing too Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, beecuz she luvs it.

“Fuck it!” I sed. I went twowards the trash at the end of the drive way and found a brocen mirrer. Uncle Bobby aproched Mii. I pikced up the mirrer and eye super smashd it on Uncle Bobby’s hed. Blood drentched his bodie from his sckull, and u no wat. I luv’d it. Uncle Bobby dropppped two the geround with the mirrer. I grabbed his fat bloody hed and smeared it into the brocken shards remaning in the mirrer. He had glass stiking out of he hed in a puddel of blood. If only Glassy Gabbs were hear rite now. She wud clene this up and stik the glass in her vagiena.

After Uncle Bobby did not waik up i went in side with Uncle Bobby’s pistle and shot Mii Mother point blanck in the side of the hed. She nock out. Then i insirted Mii peniz inside Mii Mother’s vagiena and sprinckled her with Mii wip creme beecuz eye no she luv it. 10 month lader Mii Mother gave birth two Mii baibee, Benjamin Deandre Sanders Jr. and u no wat. Eye luv him. 🙂


Hapy Endin 4 Mii and Benjamin Deandre Sanders Jr., and Mother Deana.


Now eye nede too konvinse Mii Mother two mary Mii so im not a sinner! #lels, Nex Tiem on TheBenSanders Blog! Wii luv it!


About TheBenSanders

Uhh hello! I luv long walks on the beech with Mother becus i luv her!
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