Uhh hello! Mother is preggo!

Uhh hello!


WOW wat a eventfull fall season! wear due I begin?! Well this 1 time wen i was alone .. i got a lil lonelee. i was on a websight wen sudenly a saw a Ad! The ad sed I cud mete hot singles in my area! I was exsited ! If uve ever bin two Helen GA u no it is hard two find Hot Singles in this area. I klicked the Ad because I wanted two find the Hot Singles in my area! Sudenly it asked Mii for Kredit Kard infomation. Im not aloud too have a Kredit Kard. I snuk into the hallway lait at nite. I saw Mother pasted out naked ontop on Uncle Bobby in the living room. as i walked past them Uncle Bobby woke up and sed “Benny, is that you? Why don’t you come push your nude, hung over Mother off of me. Then perhaps drink the rest of your Mother’s wine and lay on me.” I responded two my Uncle Bobby by saying “Fuk off u fat lard! im finaly gona mete sum Hot Singles in my area. U and I are done Uncle Bobby. U can no longer fuk mii u pervert.” Uncle Bobby gasped and sed “How dare you! Your lucky your good for nothing, 569 lb Mother is on top of me or I’d pin you down to the floor right now and lip your nipples with my penis’ lips!” I ran away too Mii Mother’s room as fast as Mii cud. After dueing sum diging threw her dirty underware pile i finaly found Mii Mother’s purce. I stole her Kredit Kard and martched bak too my room! On the way Uncle Bobby attempted two flash Mii butt he was stil held down by Mii Mother’s flubbers. I locked my door and went bak on the cumpooter beekuz I love it! i signed up on the websight two meat the Hot Singles in my area. However THE FUKING WEBSIGHT WAS A SKAM! THEY ONLY FOUND 1 GOD DAMN HOT SINGLE IN MY AREA. NOT SINGLES FUKING PLOREL. I was furious! Butt I qickly got over it. Besides it wasnt my money I was spending. I kudnt wate two mete the Hot Single in my area. TheBenSanders Jr. sprung rite up with exsitment! On the cumpooter I klicked the button two mete the Hot Single in my area! Sudenlee a few sekonds passed and I herd a nock at my bed room door. Thinking it was mii Uncle Bobby i didnt answer rite away. The nock kept nocking. After sum time I realized this kant bee Mii Uncle Bobby. Uncle Bobby would normalee nock the door down bye now and dry hump against the wall. I walk twoards the door and slowlee open it. “Mother?” I asked. “Benny, are you the one who requested the Hot Single in your area?” Mother replied. “Uhh hello! Yes that twas Mii, TheBenSanders. How did you know?” Mii asked. “Benny, it’s me, the Hot Single in your area. I think we know what we have to do now.” Mother stated. I walked up twoards Mother and sniffed her fete. “MMmm Uncle Bobby’s semen.” I said wile I was aroused. Mother replied “Oops, sorry I forgot to clean my feet!” butt Mii didnt kare. I wanted the Hot Single in my area, even if the Hot Single in my area was Mii Mother. In that moment I reelized Mii Mother was a MILF. It took Mii 6 years two aksept Mii Mother’s true title of MILF. “I love you MILF, I want all with Mii MILF. Also Uncle Bobby put a pin threw all of mii condoms.” I sed two Mother. Mother took Mii bye the hand, and maid Mii a man, that won nite, and maid everything alrite, that won nite, she maid everything alrite. Mother and Mii fell two my bed and made hot Mother-Son love, the only love us Helen GA boys kno how two sho. Also wii didnt use protection and now Mother is preggo with mii child. I’m going to bee a father! 🙂 My life is finaly entering a knew chapter. Im so exsited. I hope Mother wants something more with mii because I love her. I hope she doesnt think it was just a 1 nite stand and im doing to dip to europe to become a game developer after making Mother pregnant……. wate… is my brother William.. my? Fath- No hii cudnt bee! #LELS #CallMiiDaddy!

Anyways goonite interwebs! r u exsited four Mii??! I am!

love u all!

-TheBenSanders (´◉◞౪◟◉)


About TheBenSanders

Uhh hello! I luv long walks on the beech with Mother becus i luv her!
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