Uhh hello! i met nintendo prezident of amirka! REGGY FEES AMAY!!!

Uhh hello!

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 7.02.21 PM

this passed weakend i got invited two nintendo hedqaters in seeatel washington because i love nintendo! how did this hapen u may ask? well  u sea wile my Uncle Bobby was in rehab over the sumer he met this nise man name Hugh Ganus. Uncle Bobby and Hugh beecame very close in rehab and it turn out Hugh Ganus is cuzins with Reggy Feez Amay the Nintendo of Amirka prezidint!! 🙂 Uncle Bobby told him about Mii because he loves mii and nose i love Nintendo because i grew up with Nitnendo because i love it! Uncle Bobby konvinsed Hugh Ganus too kall is cuzin and tel him about Mii. Reggy was so moved bye my love fore Nintendo because i love them that he invited Mii to Nintendo of Amirka hedqaters last weakend 🙂 i wuz so exsited two mete Reggy, Iwata, and Miitomato. Wen i arived i was greted by Reggy! I was so exsited! i ran into his big harry arms and cissed his mouth out of exsitedment! tehee (⊙◞౪◟⊙) Reggy semed stuned bye my amazing cissing skillz that he dropped Mii rite away from his arms Lels! I asked Reggy “wear is Iwata and Miitomto?? I want two ciss both of them to!” (´◉◞౪◟◉) every1 got qiet. It was akwerd. I sed “was it sumting i sed?” and Reggy replide “Ben, you really don’t know yet?” i sed “kno wut Mr. coot reginator?” he then sed “Mr. Iwata passed away last month. I’m sorry you had to find out like this.” i droped two my neese. i beegan two crie and crie sum more…i was so sad bekuz i never even got two ciss is lipps 😦 and i lerned Mr. Miitomato the creaytor of Mario is in JAPAN! WTF! oh well. Reggy semed good enuff at the time. I got to have lunch with Reggy and even play Mario cart Ate because wii love it!! i lost. every time. butt aftr losing the 8th time i playfully pushed Reggy on the couch! he playfuly puled Mii on the couch with him.. wii were kinda cloze two eech other 🙂 i snugled up agenst Mr. Fees Amay. i looked up at his smile. He put his arm around Mii. slowly i moved in and onse agen .. wii cissed. It was magikall. fireworks. love. i feeled it all in that moment with him. Yet I wasnt saticfied. I told him. “i have two take a massive poop. im go use potty. ill bee back in 48 minutes and 12 seconds bekuz i love u Reggy.” “Okay Ben, I’ll be waiting for you right here sweetheart.” Reggy replide. Butt i didnt go two the bath rume. i found my way two Nintendo’s privait airport in the bak of the hedqarters. i snuck onto 1 of the plains and began lift off! i played pilot wings on the nintendo 3ds so i new wut i was doing! i set my destination two Japan! wen i arived at Nintendo’s HQ of Japan i saw a garden.. within that garden lide a single toomstone. It red translaited “Satoru Iwata dead. Rest in Pee.” i found him because i love him! i started diging with my own bear hands. eventualy i found a kascet. i opened it two find the remanes of Mr. Iwata. I wanted it two bee perfekt so i set a kandel and match next two us and started cissing him. It was wonderfull and i loved it! i stood up two clime out butt I acidently nocked the kandel over and set his remanes on fire!!! “Im scared” i sed. I qickly climed out only to sea a pare of shoes in front of  Mii I’s. I looked up and their he was. Mr. Miitomato. I was so sorry fore wat i did butt he didnt seme too understand … I qickly cissed Mr. Miitomato and slaped his but butt he didnt like that. he caled the japanese polise on Mii and wel… hear i am.. siting in a japanese prizon and i dont love it… i wonder if Reggy is still waiting fore Mii.. at leest Japense jale gives free internet so i can update u interwebs 🙂

Anyways interwebs my sellmate wants too play with his octopuss arms and put them in my mouth and other holes Lels! japanese r silly goosies! goodnite!

-TheBenSanders ( ・ิω・ิ)


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Uhh hello! I luv long walks on the beech with Mother becus i luv her!
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