Uhh hello! dreeming about my weding day!!!

Uhh hello!
due u ever day dreem and wonder wear u’ll be in the future? i due a lot. i havent sene much of the out side world becuase Mother doesnt think its safe four mii. the only times i have left my smal litle town is wen i visited disney walt world, Uncle Bobby in jale, and my trip too Aushwitz in Poland!:) i dreem too leeve this town and go sum wear like kaliforenia! or even Ohigho! that wud be the life. i wunder if i wud go a lone or have a partner two live and explore the world with 🙂 i no i have feelings four my frend Jon rite now butt may be hes not my soul mait… butt may be im his? can u be sum1’s soul mait butt their not urs? who noes other than God. May be i am Jon soul mait butt hes isnt mine? 😦 that wud make mii a sad panda. I dreem about my weding a lot! boys can mary each other now and that makes mii so happy!! even girls can mary each other.. but their girls… i dont like girls >.< .. exsept Mother! i love Mother <3. i hope Mother lets mii get maryed! Mother never got maryed butt may be she will under stand that i want two mary 1 day. i wunder who wud wear the dress?? i fotoshopped mii whering a dress too sea wat i wud look like! wat due u think? due i look handsum? or may be prety?? 🙂

good nite interwebs!!!
-Ben Sanders :3


About TheBenSanders

Uhh hello! I luv long walks on the beech with Mother becus i luv her!
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