Uhh hello! im gona bee a homecuming dress!!

Uhh hello!
Over the weakend cuzin Gabbs came two visit mii! I loved it! wen she arived mii and Mother had a sine out side hour house that sed Welcome Home Glassy Gabbs! she was so exsited four a nise fun weakend with the Sanders!! its a silly story how Gabbs got her nick name Glassy Gabbs. last time Gabbs was over at hour house a yeer ago Gabbs woke up in the midle of the nite. as she got out of my bed and put her cloths on she woke mii up. i asked her y she a wake? she says she sumthing drop. i put my cloths on to and Gabbs and i went too sea wat all the nois was. Gabbs and mii herd screeming cuming from Mothers room. Now ive walked in on Mother doin sum vial things in the past butt this just looked panefull!!! Gabbs and mii open the door and find Mother shoving glass in her hole wear her weaner was beefour the doctor cut it off wen she was a baby i think. sinse it was Gabbs idea too walk in on Mother Gabbs got caught and Mother caled her out!! I remeber Mother sayin to Gabbs Wat r u doin in hear Gabbs?!?! well i supose ur old enuff two trie this fore urself! Mother maid Gabbs put glass in her virginia. Gabbs sounded like she was in pane fore a wile at the start butt i think she got the hang of it. at the time Mother didnt no i was out side her door waching the two of them. hehe xD then mii and Mother started two call Gabbs her nick name soon after. That is how she got the naim Glassy Gabbs! So over the weakend Gabbs told Mother her homecuming for high school is cuming up and she nedes a dress! this is wear it got interesting like the clouds outside. (i just maid a simily! i used like too compair. my english tooter taught mii that!!) anyways i maid a bet with Glassy Gabbs that she couldnt stick a sharp pointie glass shard in her virginia and kepe it in four more then 30 minites! she tryed butt faled. bye the time it was 3 minites it was bleeding all over and the she cudnt handel it. so because she lost the bet she now has two where that dress in the pic above of her favirite cuzin! mii Ben Sanders 🙂 so on her homecuming nite ill bee all over Glassy Gabbs’s body. hehe :3

well thats it interwebs! goodnite 🙂
-thebensanders :3


About TheBenSanders

Uhh hello! I luv long walks on the beech with Mother becus i luv her!
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