Uhh hello! SUPER SANDERS!!!

Uhh hello!
i had sutch a fun time with my english tooter this morning! i told him about my blog as a way to practise my speling and english because i love expresing my self on the interwebs because i love it! i lerned that super is with only a U and not like soup like my spegetti Os that mother makes four mii because she loves mii! :3 i use two think super was speled like souper! hehe silly ben! ^.^ anyways Twoday mother eight a litle to mutch during brekfest! she was chowing down as usual like Mindy is a peenut buter factory!! after my english tooter leson i came home to Mother on the pooper! she was making al sorts of strange sounds from her anus! it sounded like a scunck being sqeezed two deth bye a lawn mower!! Mother’s fumes were steeming out the bath room! I stud outside the bath room door calling for Mother butt she was not ansering! i nocked the door open and found Mother passed out on the toilet from the smel of her own pressed ham!! hehe! anyways I tryed too lift Mother butt she was two hevy! i draged Mother off the toilet wile she was stil out cold! silly Mother didnt wiped her but all that wel! her poo was geting all over my hands and the floor as i draged her ass out of their! i left Mother in the halway and ran bak into the bath room holding my breth. i grabed the plunger and flushed the toilet! Mother’s liqidy poop was flying every wear. i pumped that plunger the way Uncle Bobby taught mii too rapidly four maximum plessure. Super Sanders saved the day! (im super sanders by the way.) Super Sanders saved Mother and plunged the evil watery poop down the drane! wen mother woke up she was so proud of mii and we showered all the poop off of us 2gether two save water. 🙂

anyways im gonna go two bed goodnite internet!
-Ben :3


About TheBenSanders

Uhh hello! I luv long walks on the beech with Mother becus i luv her!
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