Uhh hello! fourget teem edward and jackob! #TeemBen is beter!

Uhh hello!
their has bin a lot of dibate over who bele shud bee with in twilite! edward and jackob is no good four her! join teem Ben! i want too bee with Bele i want two bite her neck and make her blede!!!! due u no y?? because shes a girl. i dont like girls. unless its mother i love mother because i love her! mother is so nise and is prety and has the best smeling fete of all mothers. her grene krispy toes taste so unusal!! hehe i didnt want to taste them!!!! i swear! mother maid mii suck her toes as a punishment 1 time. lol! i was bad and didnt kepe my door close wen my dog Mindy was in my room! Mindy got out wen i was making sandwiches at work and took a big doockie on mother’s bare chest wen she was taking a nap!! silly Mindy! i stil love her tho! 🙂 i wunder is Jon has tasty toes.. hehe i wud lick his toes clene because.. u no ;3

anyways goodnite interwebs! i love u!
-ben sanders :3


About TheBenSanders

Uhh hello! I luv long walks on the beech with Mother becus i luv her!
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