Uhh hello! mii and Jon in the martching band!!

Uhh hello!
2day i wanted too shair with u all a foto and storie from wen mii and my serckret admirer Jon were in the skool martching band twogether!!
Jon is the 1 on the left. i wud all ways get distrackted during rehersal and games just staring at Jon because he is souper duper handsum!! 🙂 i plaid the klarinet! Jon plaid drums because he loved it! i wasnt very good at klarinet. 1 time mother herd mii practicing and sed i was so bad that she nocked it out of my hands. then mother pooled down my pants and shoved the klarinet rite in my pooper!! it hert like hell!! she shoved it up so far that it was stuck in my pooper four fourty ate ours!! isnt that krazy. i was in so much pane!! after that weakend back in skool i told Jon wat hapened and he held mii close and told mii everything wil bee ok and i wil get better at klarinet! 🙂 ..i didnt. Butt that is ok because Jon was their fore mii and i loved it. he is so karing because ..i think he loves mii!! Teehee :3

well until nxt time interwebs!
-Ben Sanders ^_^

PS: I found Jon! 🙂 he is ok and this time i have my I’s on him all the time!


About TheBenSanders

Uhh hello! I luv long walks on the beech with Mother becus i luv her!
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