Uhh hello! Mindy pede in my mouth!!!

Uhh hello!
due u remember my blak dog Mindy?!! shes so coot and presious! I love her! BUTT THIS TIME SHE HAVE GONE TWO FAR!!!! Mindy slepes in my room with mii because Mother doesnt like her. Mother gets jelus of the atention i give Mindy and hates that Mindy sheds in the house. So Mindy gets two slepe with mii unless Uncle Bobby crashs in my big bed with mii. Last nite i was in a depe slepe. I was having such a kool dreme that i was a big perple lobster naimed Timmy. Mother was a bowl of meetloaf naimed Dona and Uncle Bobby was triing two ete us!!! Mother and i had too run all over the kichen tabel two get away from Uncle Bobby. it was a lot of fun!!!! hehe xD anyways bye the end of the dreme Uncle Bobby caught up two mother and i. next thing I new i was goin down Uncle Bobby’s throte. wen i reeched his stomeck the asid in his tummy was hard too swim in. i began two droun. i had lost mother at that point. my mouth started to get filed by the asid in Uncle Bobbys tummy!!!! well until i woke up that is. i woke up and none of it was reel. butt the asid in my mouth felt reel!! it turns out I had over slept and Mindy was peeing all over my fase!! xD shes so silly. I cleened up and took her out side befour she cud poop on my chest lol!!

anyways good nite internet!!
-Ben Sanders! :3


About TheBenSanders

Uhh hello! I luv long walks on the beech with Mother becus i luv her!
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