Uhh hello! I am a modle!!!!

Uhh hello!

i have all ways had hopes and dreems. sum were wet wile others were dry. it all depend wether uncle bobby crashed in my bed with mii or not. i love uncle bobby butt he has never herd of personle spase. 1 dreem i all ways had was two bee a prety modle and bee addmired buy all the boys at sckool! thay r all so kool and i just want two bee liked bye all of them!! it wud bee a good way four mii too mete knew frends and i wud bee populer and bee addmired bye all the boys at sckool. i kcept hereing about how modles like caty uptin and peres hilton use a softwear caled fotoshop. i desided two steel it thancks two the pirit bay that Uncle Bobby told mii about because he loves mii. i tried it out four myself and maid mii into a beootifull modle!! i sent it two all the kool boys from my high sckool so thay wud sea mii as kool and riskay! 😉 i think thay like it! i made them laff and sum1 even posted it on the yelp paige four my sandwitch shop i work at because i think thay love mii! 🙂 thay want every1 2 sea how beutifull i am and whear to find mii to addmire mii in person!! it was so nise and i loved it!! Uncle Bobby even sed he wud “pop my chery” if i had a kitty kat! whatever that means. lol.

any ways good nite internet! i love u!
-Ben Sanders :3


About TheBenSanders

Uhh hello! I luv long walks on the beech with Mother becus i luv her!
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