Uhh hello! i love doris!!

Uhh hello!
2 give u sum bakground infomation i work as an artist at a sandwitch shop. i put sandwitches 2gether because i love it! my soupervisor is a nice atracktive midle age woman naimed Doris! she is super coot and i think i only work four her stil because i want 2 get closer 2 her. she has such bounsy bounsy boobies just like mother! she is out of this world! she kindof reminds mii of ET the alien by speelburg! she is just amazing because i love her! i think i mite of ruined it tho! i got a lil drunk with mother the other nite. mother encoraged mii to drink just a lil more two the point whear i blacked out like my trainer caracter in pokemon wenever i play and lose because im not very good at that game 😦 butt any way i woke up naked and lonely because bye the time i was up mother wasnt with mii anymore. she was in her room screaming at Uncle Bobby yelling his name as i herd slapping sounds. she must have bin reely mad at Uncle Bobby. so i was lonely and stil drunk so i caled Doris my soupervisor because i love her. i told her how i fele and it mite have bin a mistacke!! she was very akward around mii and refoosed 2 talk about my call and felers twoards her because i love her. I want two put my hed beetween her big flopy boobies and make the sounds Uncle Bobbys motorbote wud make wen he wud take mii far out two see with him to play with him because he loves mii. anyways how shud i get Doris 2 talk two mii because i do love her and want her two love mii to!!

Uhh goodnite internet! i love u all frends!
-Ben Sanders :3


About TheBenSanders

Uhh hello! I luv long walks on the beech with Mother becus i luv her!
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