Uhh hello! my trip 2 disney walt world!!!

Uhh hello!

thank u 4 reeding my blog frends! ❤ mother and i went 2 disney walt world because wii love it!!!! i got 2 play in the hotle ball pin 4 ours!!!! it was fun!! mother and I met all kinds of kool disney caracters because i love them!!! mother seemed 2 get jelus wenever i go get distracted buy the prety prinsess in the walt world of disney because i love them!! butt i have a foto saved on the computer from wen mother took mii, uncle bobby, and william 2 disney world almost 10 yeers ago because i love it!! Image

uncle bobby on the far left, than it is willy, mii, and than Mother because i love her!

wii had so much fun back then but i dont get 2 see uncle bobby anymore since he did some bad things 2 mii that mother was heartbroken over because she loves mii. butt i hope uncle bobby sanders is okay because i still love him and it was really hard 2 see him go 2 jale 4 wat he did 2 mii wen i was litle. i think it was my fault any way because mother says im irristable because she loves mii. i wish uncle bobby cud have came with us 2 disney this time!!! butt hes stil in jale for wat he had done 2 mii and willy is in europe rite now being a game developer!! im so proud of wiliam because i love him!! 


thank you all 4 reeding my blog because u are all my frends and i love u!

remember 2 bee nise and spred the love of christ because he loves us


-The ben Sanders! <333


About TheBenSanders

Uhh hello! I luv long walks on the beech with Mother becus i luv her!
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7 Responses to Uhh hello! my trip 2 disney walt world!!!

  1. Barbra Voz says:

    Ben I’m glad you had fun in Disney World! I understand you haven’t truly comprehended what Uncle Bob did to you but that’s okay. I think it’s better that way. Your Uncle Bob still loves you and has repented to our Lord Jesus Christ for the things he’s done. Ben we’ll see you and Deana soon! Keep up with the English classes!

    Love Aunt Barbra Voz, and the Voz family!

    P.S. Cousin Gabbs is looking forward to your next visit and misses you and Aunt Deana! 🙂

    • Uhh hello! thank u aunt barbra four checkin out my blog because i made it! disney was so much fun!!! i love uncle bobby 2!! he is my familie and i love him because the lord jesus tells mii 2! forgivness and love my naiber like i love myself because i love myselfe because im so happy with life because life is great because i love it!! 🙂 I cant wate 2 see u and Gabby again soon!!! i miss u 2 soo muchhhhH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333 has gabbs goten any new sonic the hedghog glass figurines??!! because i love them!

      • Barbra Voz says:

        I’m glad to hear! And yes Gabbs has bought lots of new glass Sonic figurines! You two will have so much fun when you come visit next time! I’ll work out a time for next month for you and Deana to fly down here! 🙂

      • Uhh hello! Yayyayayayayyayayay! cant wate!! 🙂

  2. Bob John says:

    I have gotten hit by a “randy jackson sined basebal bat”, and now I made a stupid blog about my stupid life, I always start my sentences with “Uhh hello!”, and my spelling is shit!
    Oh wait…..that’s your life

  3. sad says:

    comeback to mynintendonews!!!! please!

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