Mete Mii Baibee, Benjamin Deandre Sanders Jr.!

Uhh hello!

Looooooong tiem know blog updait! #Lels oops! Aneeways as u mite have sene from my last post in 2015 Mother was preggo with Mii Baibee! It has bin a long 23 months I tel u’all. Wat happen was 5 months into the preggocy Mother was convinsed by Mii Uncle Bobby that she shudnt have the baibee. Mother restled with the the eyedea of geting a aborsean butt ultimitly desided not two. Won nite tho Uncle Bobby roofyed Mother and undresed her in bed. He took a long pare of sizors and shoved them up Mii Mother’s lady bits. Uncle Bobby aborseaned Mii Baibee. 😦 I was sad.

The nex mornin wen i found out eye took a pare of Mii Mother’s underwhere and rapped them around Uncle Bobby’s fase wile he sleep. I suffikated the basterd. Then I took the very sizors he used on Mii Mother and drilled them into his I’s. Uncle Bobby beegan to regane consisnus and grab his pistle from his back poket. He said “Benny, you son of a bitch! I’m going to end you once and for all and display your lifeless body on my Wall of Naked Dead Nephews, mmuahahaha!” eye be the 6th won… he than shot at mii! YICKES! I ran four Mii life into the citchen. Their I grabbed a pan and blokd Mii Uncle Bobby’s bulets!! I through the frying pan at Uncle Bobby’s hed nocking him out. Then as I tryd draging his fat body out doors twowards the lawn mowir; Uncle Bobby woke. I screemed “Mother, help!” butt Mother was two busie chereing in her room about her aborsean wile dansing too Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, beecuz she luvs it.

“Fuck it!” I sed. I went twowards the trash at the end of the drive way and found a brocen mirrer. Uncle Bobby aproched Mii. I pikced up the mirrer and eye super smashd it on Uncle Bobby’s hed. Blood drentched his bodie from his sckull, and u no wat. I luv’d it. Uncle Bobby dropppped two the geround with the mirrer. I grabbed his fat bloody hed and smeared it into the brocken shards remaning in the mirrer. He had glass stiking out of he hed in a puddel of blood. If only Glassy Gabbs were hear rite now. She wud clene this up and stik the glass in her vagiena.

After Uncle Bobby did not waik up i went in side with Uncle Bobby’s pistle and shot Mii Mother point blanck in the side of the hed. She nock out. Then i insirted Mii peniz inside Mii Mother’s vagiena and sprinckled her with Mii wip creme beecuz eye no she luv it. 10 month lader Mii Mother gave birth two Mii baibee, Benjamin Deandre Sanders Jr. and u no wat. Eye luv him. 🙂


Hapy Endin 4 Mii and Benjamin Deandre Sanders Jr., and Mother Deana.


Now eye nede too konvinse Mii Mother two mary Mii so im not a sinner! #lels, Nex Tiem on TheBenSanders Blog! Wii luv it!

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Uhh hello! Mother is preggo!

Uhh hello!


WOW wat a eventfull fall season! wear due I begin?! Well this 1 time wen i was alone .. i got a lil lonelee. i was on a websight wen sudenly a saw a Ad! The ad sed I cud mete hot singles in my area! I was exsited ! If uve ever bin two Helen GA u no it is hard two find Hot Singles in this area. I klicked the Ad because I wanted two find the Hot Singles in my area! Sudenly it asked Mii for Kredit Kard infomation. Im not aloud too have a Kredit Kard. I snuk into the hallway lait at nite. I saw Mother pasted out naked ontop on Uncle Bobby in the living room. as i walked past them Uncle Bobby woke up and sed “Benny, is that you? Why don’t you come push your nude, hung over Mother off of me. Then perhaps drink the rest of your Mother’s wine and lay on me.” I responded two my Uncle Bobby by saying “Fuk off u fat lard! im finaly gona mete sum Hot Singles in my area. U and I are done Uncle Bobby. U can no longer fuk mii u pervert.” Uncle Bobby gasped and sed “How dare you! Your lucky your good for nothing, 569 lb Mother is on top of me or I’d pin you down to the floor right now and lip your nipples with my penis’ lips!” I ran away too Mii Mother’s room as fast as Mii cud. After dueing sum diging threw her dirty underware pile i finaly found Mii Mother’s purce. I stole her Kredit Kard and martched bak too my room! On the way Uncle Bobby attempted two flash Mii butt he was stil held down by Mii Mother’s flubbers. I locked my door and went bak on the cumpooter beekuz I love it! i signed up on the websight two meat the Hot Singles in my area. However THE FUKING WEBSIGHT WAS A SKAM! THEY ONLY FOUND 1 GOD DAMN HOT SINGLE IN MY AREA. NOT SINGLES FUKING PLOREL. I was furious! Butt I qickly got over it. Besides it wasnt my money I was spending. I kudnt wate two mete the Hot Single in my area. TheBenSanders Jr. sprung rite up with exsitment! On the cumpooter I klicked the button two mete the Hot Single in my area! Sudenlee a few sekonds passed and I herd a nock at my bed room door. Thinking it was mii Uncle Bobby i didnt answer rite away. The nock kept nocking. After sum time I realized this kant bee Mii Uncle Bobby. Uncle Bobby would normalee nock the door down bye now and dry hump against the wall. I walk twoards the door and slowlee open it. “Mother?” I asked. “Benny, are you the one who requested the Hot Single in your area?” Mother replied. “Uhh hello! Yes that twas Mii, TheBenSanders. How did you know?” Mii asked. “Benny, it’s me, the Hot Single in your area. I think we know what we have to do now.” Mother stated. I walked up twoards Mother and sniffed her fete. “MMmm Uncle Bobby’s semen.” I said wile I was aroused. Mother replied “Oops, sorry I forgot to clean my feet!” butt Mii didnt kare. I wanted the Hot Single in my area, even if the Hot Single in my area was Mii Mother. In that moment I reelized Mii Mother was a MILF. It took Mii 6 years two aksept Mii Mother’s true title of MILF. “I love you MILF, I want all with Mii MILF. Also Uncle Bobby put a pin threw all of mii condoms.” I sed two Mother. Mother took Mii bye the hand, and maid Mii a man, that won nite, and maid everything alrite, that won nite, she maid everything alrite. Mother and Mii fell two my bed and made hot Mother-Son love, the only love us Helen GA boys kno how two sho. Also wii didnt use protection and now Mother is preggo with mii child. I’m going to bee a father! 🙂 My life is finaly entering a knew chapter. Im so exsited. I hope Mother wants something more with mii because I love her. I hope she doesnt think it was just a 1 nite stand and im doing to dip to europe to become a game developer after making Mother pregnant……. wate… is my brother William.. my? Fath- No hii cudnt bee! #LELS #CallMiiDaddy!

Anyways goonite interwebs! r u exsited four Mii??! I am!

love u all!

-TheBenSanders (´◉◞౪◟◉)

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Uhh hello! i met nintendo prezident of amirka! REGGY FEES AMAY!!!

Uhh hello!

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 7.02.21 PM

this passed weakend i got invited two nintendo hedqaters in seeatel washington because i love nintendo! how did this hapen u may ask? well  u sea wile my Uncle Bobby was in rehab over the sumer he met this nise man name Hugh Ganus. Uncle Bobby and Hugh beecame very close in rehab and it turn out Hugh Ganus is cuzins with Reggy Feez Amay the Nintendo of Amirka prezidint!! 🙂 Uncle Bobby told him about Mii because he loves mii and nose i love Nintendo because i grew up with Nitnendo because i love it! Uncle Bobby konvinsed Hugh Ganus too kall is cuzin and tel him about Mii. Reggy was so moved bye my love fore Nintendo because i love them that he invited Mii to Nintendo of Amirka hedqaters last weakend 🙂 i wuz so exsited two mete Reggy, Iwata, and Miitomato. Wen i arived i was greted by Reggy! I was so exsited! i ran into his big harry arms and cissed his mouth out of exsitedment! tehee (⊙◞౪◟⊙) Reggy semed stuned bye my amazing cissing skillz that he dropped Mii rite away from his arms Lels! I asked Reggy “wear is Iwata and Miitomto?? I want two ciss both of them to!” (´◉◞౪◟◉) every1 got qiet. It was akwerd. I sed “was it sumting i sed?” and Reggy replide “Ben, you really don’t know yet?” i sed “kno wut Mr. coot reginator?” he then sed “Mr. Iwata passed away last month. I’m sorry you had to find out like this.” i droped two my neese. i beegan two crie and crie sum more…i was so sad bekuz i never even got two ciss is lipps 😦 and i lerned Mr. Miitomato the creaytor of Mario is in JAPAN! WTF! oh well. Reggy semed good enuff at the time. I got to have lunch with Reggy and even play Mario cart Ate because wii love it!! i lost. every time. butt aftr losing the 8th time i playfully pushed Reggy on the couch! he playfuly puled Mii on the couch with him.. wii were kinda cloze two eech other 🙂 i snugled up agenst Mr. Fees Amay. i looked up at his smile. He put his arm around Mii. slowly i moved in and onse agen .. wii cissed. It was magikall. fireworks. love. i feeled it all in that moment with him. Yet I wasnt saticfied. I told him. “i have two take a massive poop. im go use potty. ill bee back in 48 minutes and 12 seconds bekuz i love u Reggy.” “Okay Ben, I’ll be waiting for you right here sweetheart.” Reggy replide. Butt i didnt go two the bath rume. i found my way two Nintendo’s privait airport in the bak of the hedqarters. i snuck onto 1 of the plains and began lift off! i played pilot wings on the nintendo 3ds so i new wut i was doing! i set my destination two Japan! wen i arived at Nintendo’s HQ of Japan i saw a garden.. within that garden lide a single toomstone. It red translaited “Satoru Iwata dead. Rest in Pee.” i found him because i love him! i started diging with my own bear hands. eventualy i found a kascet. i opened it two find the remanes of Mr. Iwata. I wanted it two bee perfekt so i set a kandel and match next two us and started cissing him. It was wonderfull and i loved it! i stood up two clime out butt I acidently nocked the kandel over and set his remanes on fire!!! “Im scared” i sed. I qickly climed out only to sea a pare of shoes in front of  Mii I’s. I looked up and their he was. Mr. Miitomato. I was so sorry fore wat i did butt he didnt seme too understand … I qickly cissed Mr. Miitomato and slaped his but butt he didnt like that. he caled the japanese polise on Mii and wel… hear i am.. siting in a japanese prizon and i dont love it… i wonder if Reggy is still waiting fore Mii.. at leest Japense jale gives free internet so i can update u interwebs 🙂

Anyways interwebs my sellmate wants too play with his octopuss arms and put them in my mouth and other holes Lels! japanese r silly goosies! goodnite!

-TheBenSanders ( ・ิω・ิ)

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Uhh hello!
The anuel Miss Helen GA beuty pagen took plase this passed weekend! Mother was so exsited! Mother got a prety dres and everything! i was so proud of her because i love her!! :3 Mother was looking super sexy and her boobie job reely impresed the judges!! Mother even got the nickname MILFinantor fore her sexy reanactment of terminator in the 2nd round!! Mother reely maid my wily spring up faster then a dear in hedlites!! hehe x3 u wudnt beleve the amount of time Mother had mii stik my fingers in her mouth over the last month after eeting! wii had two make sure Mother wud stay slim as can bee! Mother is gona bee on Helen Weekly magizine becuause of her sexy fit body !! i no if i wasnt such a froot and she wasnt my mother id bang Mother no dout!

anyways, wud u bang my Mother internet?? let mii no in the coment sektion down below!!

-Ben :3

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Uhh hello! dreeming about my weding day!!!

Uhh hello!
due u ever day dreem and wonder wear u’ll be in the future? i due a lot. i havent sene much of the out side world becuase Mother doesnt think its safe four mii. the only times i have left my smal litle town is wen i visited disney walt world, Uncle Bobby in jale, and my trip too Aushwitz in Poland!:) i dreem too leeve this town and go sum wear like kaliforenia! or even Ohigho! that wud be the life. i wunder if i wud go a lone or have a partner two live and explore the world with 🙂 i no i have feelings four my frend Jon rite now butt may be hes not my soul mait… butt may be im his? can u be sum1’s soul mait butt their not urs? who noes other than God. May be i am Jon soul mait butt hes isnt mine? 😦 that wud make mii a sad panda. I dreem about my weding a lot! boys can mary each other now and that makes mii so happy!! even girls can mary each other.. but their girls… i dont like girls >.< .. exsept Mother! i love Mother <3. i hope Mother lets mii get maryed! Mother never got maryed butt may be she will under stand that i want two mary 1 day. i wunder who wud wear the dress?? i fotoshopped mii whering a dress too sea wat i wud look like! wat due u think? due i look handsum? or may be prety?? 🙂

good nite interwebs!!!
-Ben Sanders :3

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Uhh hello! im gona bee a homecuming dress!!

Uhh hello!
Over the weakend cuzin Gabbs came two visit mii! I loved it! wen she arived mii and Mother had a sine out side hour house that sed Welcome Home Glassy Gabbs! she was so exsited four a nise fun weakend with the Sanders!! its a silly story how Gabbs got her nick name Glassy Gabbs. last time Gabbs was over at hour house a yeer ago Gabbs woke up in the midle of the nite. as she got out of my bed and put her cloths on she woke mii up. i asked her y she a wake? she says she sumthing drop. i put my cloths on to and Gabbs and i went too sea wat all the nois was. Gabbs and mii herd screeming cuming from Mothers room. Now ive walked in on Mother doin sum vial things in the past butt this just looked panefull!!! Gabbs and mii open the door and find Mother shoving glass in her hole wear her weaner was beefour the doctor cut it off wen she was a baby i think. sinse it was Gabbs idea too walk in on Mother Gabbs got caught and Mother caled her out!! I remeber Mother sayin to Gabbs Wat r u doin in hear Gabbs?!?! well i supose ur old enuff two trie this fore urself! Mother maid Gabbs put glass in her virginia. Gabbs sounded like she was in pane fore a wile at the start butt i think she got the hang of it. at the time Mother didnt no i was out side her door waching the two of them. hehe xD then mii and Mother started two call Gabbs her nick name soon after. That is how she got the naim Glassy Gabbs! So over the weakend Gabbs told Mother her homecuming for high school is cuming up and she nedes a dress! this is wear it got interesting like the clouds outside. (i just maid a simily! i used like too compair. my english tooter taught mii that!!) anyways i maid a bet with Glassy Gabbs that she couldnt stick a sharp pointie glass shard in her virginia and kepe it in four more then 30 minites! she tryed butt faled. bye the time it was 3 minites it was bleeding all over and the she cudnt handel it. so because she lost the bet she now has two where that dress in the pic above of her favirite cuzin! mii Ben Sanders 🙂 so on her homecuming nite ill bee all over Glassy Gabbs’s body. hehe :3

well thats it interwebs! goodnite 🙂
-thebensanders :3

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Uhh hello! SUPER SANDERS!!!

Uhh hello!
i had sutch a fun time with my english tooter this morning! i told him about my blog as a way to practise my speling and english because i love expresing my self on the interwebs because i love it! i lerned that super is with only a U and not like soup like my spegetti Os that mother makes four mii because she loves mii! :3 i use two think super was speled like souper! hehe silly ben! ^.^ anyways Twoday mother eight a litle to mutch during brekfest! she was chowing down as usual like Mindy is a peenut buter factory!! after my english tooter leson i came home to Mother on the pooper! she was making al sorts of strange sounds from her anus! it sounded like a scunck being sqeezed two deth bye a lawn mower!! Mother’s fumes were steeming out the bath room! I stud outside the bath room door calling for Mother butt she was not ansering! i nocked the door open and found Mother passed out on the toilet from the smel of her own pressed ham!! hehe! anyways I tryed too lift Mother butt she was two hevy! i draged Mother off the toilet wile she was stil out cold! silly Mother didnt wiped her but all that wel! her poo was geting all over my hands and the floor as i draged her ass out of their! i left Mother in the halway and ran bak into the bath room holding my breth. i grabed the plunger and flushed the toilet! Mother’s liqidy poop was flying every wear. i pumped that plunger the way Uncle Bobby taught mii too rapidly four maximum plessure. Super Sanders saved the day! (im super sanders by the way.) Super Sanders saved Mother and plunged the evil watery poop down the drane! wen mother woke up she was so proud of mii and we showered all the poop off of us 2gether two save water. 🙂

anyways im gonna go two bed goodnite internet!
-Ben :3

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